Changing Your Own Oil

Anyone can change the oil in their vehicle without taking it to a mechanic. Of course, this can save a person some money and allow them to learn something new. Changing the oil in a car takes less than an hour for just about anyone, so it isn’t a day project. In fact, some people can change their own oil in ten minutes or less, so that’s saying something. There are plenty of benefits to changing your vehicle’s oil. Anyways, here is how the process goes.

To start off, a person needs to find a place to change their oil. A rag and an oil pan must be put under the car so that oil doesn’t get all over the driveway or street. Next, a person has to remove the old oil, which is located under the engine. Oil will spill out, so a person shouldn’t lay right under the opening. After the oil has poured out, the oil changer should proceed to cap the oil pan, throw away the filter, and replace it with a new oil filter. The process now moves away from the underbelly of the car. A person should proceed to add 4 to 5 quarts of oil to their vehicle’s engine. Right there, that’s how simple the process is.

Changing your own oil a few times per year can save you at least a hundred dollars or more because repair garages usually charge thirty dollars or more for oil changes. Plus, it gives a person a little bit of experience with their car so that they know how to do much more than they could before. There are plenty of other benefits of changing your own oil, and some people do change their own oil all the time because it is so simple.

Anyways, changing oil is one of the simplest tasks a person can do with their vehicle. It’s cheap too. So then, why would anyone go to the garage to get the work done? Some people just aren’t comfortable with working on their own vehicles, so they leave it up to the professionals, which isn’t a bad idea. Either way, oil needs to be changed every 3,000 to 6,000 miles.

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