It’s my privilege !!

Traffic from town to town can be a bear. In one southern city, one that is somewhat mundane and subdued throughout the day to another city whose streets are littered with driving enthusists, the question is asked, “Who wants to drive?” In the same scenario I quess a better question would be, “Who do not want to drive?” I would estimate that approximately 95% of the people that I know do drive, want to drive, have once driven or wants to be driven. Some would even think, “they have a right to drive,” but that person would be wrong. Driving is a privilege, one that is often abused. How is driving abused? When someone takes advantage of the governing laws of driving, I would consider that abuse, as in the case of speeding.

Going over the speed limits is an abuse of a governing law for driving safety, which I am not sure that people set out intentionally to speed or to purposely break the law, but let me just say that I too have done it. Yes, I have broken the law when it comes to speeding. Why? The vehicle that I was driving was operating so smoothly that I was speeding before I realized it. I think that in more than a few cases that this is what happens. When a vehicle handles the road like spreading soft margarine on a slice of bread, it is very easy to move beyond the speed limit. While on a leisurely drive from one city to another, rolling down the highway with the music going, freshly paved roads with pretty black tar and bright yellow lines, the lines began moving pass very, very quickly.

I had gone from a leisurely 65 miles per hour to 90 miles per hour. This I’d done without a noticeable change in the quality of the ride itself. Realizing that I was now moving beyond the limit, the vehicle was brought to a slower pace. Looking back over the experience, I could say that it would never happen again; however, that situation took place while driving a muscle car…I can only imagine what the same trip would have been like had I been driving a nice, plush-seated, high-sitting luxury sports utility vehicle. If this ever becomes the case, I’ll be sure to share the same. It would be my privilege to do so.

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