The Story of a Man and His Trucks

I’ve driven pickup trucks ever since I received my driver’s license. When I was a young man, I had a suped-up 1978 Ford Custom 100 with a big block 450. It was low slung, black as night, and could really get into the wind. I drove that truck for years until gas prices started shooting higher and higher. So, I got rid of the old gas guzzler and bought something a little more sensible for a young man newly introduced to the work force.

I liked to travel at the time, so I bought a 1996 Ford Ranger. I bought it in a flashy red to impress the ladies and really tricked it out. But underneath the hood was a well thought out four cylinder that was great on gas. I could take that truck anywhere the winds told me to go and could get there without breaking the bank. I loved that Ranger, but then I became a father.

My wife and I were blessed with a set of twin girls. Although I loved that Ranger, I simply couldn’t fit myself, two babies and my wife either safely or legally in my one and a quarter seating. So, we bought a minivan. Yes, the dreaded “Honey I’m home, help unload the groceries” minivan. It was absolutely comfortable with heated seats, cold air, and an integrated digital compass. But I’m still a young man! You can’t be cool driving around in a minivan!

With my wife’s permission, I decided to purchase an old beater that, once restored, would suite my rough outdoorsy personality yet would be nice enough to take my wife out on the occasional date without it screaming “chick magnet” to every single gal in town. Hence, my love affair began with my 1978 Chevy C-10.

The truck had sang it’s siren song to me one afternoon while running an errand for my sick dad. I called the wife, and with her blessing “Tank” had become mine. I paid the dealer a little extra to put on a new coat of paint. I picked seafoam green for the body and plain white for the top, which seemed to be the original color of the truck. I’ve had Tank ever since and she still runs like an angry wild cat. She’s tough enough for the woods and trails, yet cleans up as nice as a penny for date night. Yes sir, I love my trucks.

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