What Kind Of Cars Are There

There are a lot of different kinds of cars that are made. There are a lot of different companies that make cars. One of the biggest car companies is Honda. Honda makes a variety of cars. They have the Honda civic. A Honda civic is a four door car. Roughly five passengers can fit into a Honda civic car. Honda also makes a car called the Honda accord. The Honda accord has four doors on it. There are Honda accords that are sportier looking that have two doors on them instead of four. There are some Honda cars that have special features such as a six cd disk changer. There could be six cd in the cd player and the person can push a button to change a cd.

Cadillac is a big name car company. Cadillac cars are considering a luxury car. A Cadillac has four and two doors on them. There are Cadillac’s that have leather seats in them. There are some Cadillac cars that have heated seats. If a person is cold they can turn the heat on. The seats will warm up with in minutes. A lot of Cadillac’s have power windows so a person can just push down on a button and the windows will go down automatically. Cadillac cars are known for their wide trunks. There is a lot of room in the car.

Chevy makes really good cars. There is the Chevy camaro. A chevy camaro is considering a muscle car. A chevy camaro can pick up speed with in seconds of hitting the gas pedal. Chevy also makes sedans. Chevy sedans are four door cars that fit five to seven passengers comfortably. Chevy cars are really good on gas. Chevy makes a lot of cars that don’t consume a lot of gas which saves a person money.

Every car company has their own dealership. The Honda Company has Honda dealers located all over the world. There are a lot of chevy dealers located world wide. There are a lot of Cadillac dealerships that are located through out the world. These dealerships sell brand new Honda, Cadillac’s, and chevy cars. All three of these dealerships also ell quality used cars that will last awhile.

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